1. Placing the foundation reinforcements on the prepared light concrete base.


2. Nailing along the inner and perimetric foundation beams of the lower stirrups and pipe base at an equal distance, approx. every 50 cm.


3. Place the initial panel by inserting it in the guide of the lower stirrups and fasten it on the top with the collars inserted on the pillars.


4. After assembling the first Atlantis formworks, position the intermediate stirrups on the panel and then connect the stirrups and collars of the opposing pillars with the steel forks (to be prepared in the construction site).


5. Position other panels on top, always fastening them with stirrups and collars, based on the necessary height to be reached. Complete assembling the Atlantis modules and plugging up the side that remained open in the formwork along the perimeter with polystyrene panels.


7. Start casting the concrete starting from the pillars, continuing with the curbs and the slab.


Construction details showing the various solutions targeted towards compensating structures if the inner dimensions of the under-floor cavity are not exact multiples of the Atlantis formwork.