Grid for driveway surfaces with gravel or grass finishing.

Pratopratico® represents an ingenious system to make a lawn treadable, protecting it from damage caused by the transit and parking of vehicles, including heavy vehicles, in any kind of atmospheric conditions.
The essence of Pratopratico® is very simple: it’s a question of “arming” the natural soil surface with a modular flooring made up of a grating with a highly robust cellular structure where the turf, which remains a few millimitres below the higher limit of the flooring walls, is protected from squashing or stress.

The grating is made of a particular plastic material with high quality technical/mechanical characteristics, non-toxic and unattackable by atmospheric and chemical agents. The Pratopratico® flooring develops rapidly and economically through the union of various gratings with a male/female hooking system. The aesthetic, functional and ecological advantages offered by this innovative flooring are evident: a lawn surface naturally filters the soil’s meteoric waters, respecting the site’s hydrogeological balance. During the summer period, moreover, it does not produce undesired thermic effects linked to overheating of the surface with natural finishing.