Grid for vertical climbing green.

The ongoing global warming, the pollution in urban areas and the need to reduce energy consumption require solutions to mitigate the effects of these phenomena. Then predict greater use of “green” for buildings is a viable technical solution to these economic and aesthetic problems.
For this reason, the theme of the vertical green has become a constant in recent years in the architectural design for both new and renovated buildings.

The V-Green® (Vertical Green) system is an opportunity to bring life and greenery in urban gray.
V-Green® is a support for climbing plants to employ for the vegetable covers of perimetric walls of a building. V-Green® offers easy and affordable realization of true vertical gardens, which produce effects of compensation, mitigation and improvement not only on the building but also on the surrounding environment, thanks to the purifying action of the absorption of CO2 and fine dust, as well as to one beneficial aesthetically and psychologically.