Atlantis Tank is the patented system to create tanks cast on site for the collection or the dispersion of large volumes of water in a small space.

The reinforced concrete structure achievable through the Atlantis Tank system consists of a slab, perimeter walls, and a slab supported by small pillars; the structure thus formed, guarantees high resistance to overload, both permanent and accidental.

The tank formed with Atlantis Tank can be laid underground so as to create a green area on top, or it can be directly loaded for the transit of vehicles, also heavy.
The main features of the Atlantis Tank system are speed, simplicity and cost performance.


  • The tank can be inspected through a simple inspection pit.
    The inside of the tank can be accessed for:
    • Cleaning
    • Checking the water level
    • Checking the microbiological status of the water
    • Checking any pipes or systems installed in the tank
  • Ease of positioning as it is light-weight and simple to install through the linking of the elements, with time savings up to 80%.
  • Minimum use of concrete for level filling thanks to the lowered dome form, which permits maximum resistance with minimum slab thickness.
  • The possibility, due to the pipe system, to have any height up to 3 m supplied to the yard.
  • Possibility to bear loads of considerable size by providing the pillars with suitable reinforcement.
  • Adaptable to non-standard spaces as the modules can be cut without underpinning.
  • Passage of systems under the pavement in all directions: perpendicular and diagonally.
  • If used in combination with the disposable Muro formwork system it is possible to create elevation plates, both perimetric as well as intermediate, together with the upper slab preventing formwork dismantling, with considerable time savings.
  • Total ventilation of the space and air flows in all directions.
  • Simple material management in the yard, as it is not bulky and can be exposed to bad weather.


Atlantis Tank is the ideal solution to create tanks cast on site for the collection and/or the dispersion of water for the renovation of swimming pools.
Atlantis Tank allows the realization of a tank in the reinforced concrete of a maximu