Tour ALTO: Daliform Group at La Défense


Another tower is added to the ones built so far with the use of U-Boot Beton® of Daliform Group.
We are in Paris, more exactly at La Défense, where the Tour Alto will be inaugurated in 2020: about 6.000 sqm of slabs realized with our product in 35 floors, for a total of 150 m of height and a surface from 700 sqm on the first floor up to 1.500 sqm on the highest floor. It is thanks to this particular characteristic of the building that the U-Boot Beton® System was chosen: versatile, adaptable to non-standard spaces and different layouts. Furthermore, it well fitted with the need to reduce as much as possible the slabs weight and to obtain large spans up to over 18 meters.
Another key point in favour of Daliform Group was the ability to adapt the logistics to the building site, by studying a special packaging to supply the exact quantity of formworks and to be able to deliver them to a construction site characterized by an extremely reduced handling space.