Atlantis is a system for creating under-floor cavities where there is considerable height available. It can be used for the distribution of systems and technological networks under the pavement so they do not need to be buried in screed.

It is suited for creating thermally insulated cavities for cold rooms with or without forced ventilation. It is the ideal solution for creating accumulation or dispersion tanks and for pool restructuring. Thanks to custom sized elevator pipes, it is the ideal system for creating inclined or multilevel surfaces.

Atlantis, when used in combination with the special Muro formwork, represents an innovative, quick and economic solution for the creation of honeycomb or box foundation rafts (superrafts), a reduced use of concrete and steel makes it possible to obtain extreme stiffness even if the ground does not provide much load bearing capacity.


Sloping driveway access ramps

Systems to create driveway access ramps, steps, slightly sloping slabs for theaters and cinemas, or to level off different highs.

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Deep, multi level foundations

Create structures at a low cost that require variable heights such as sloping ramps, slabs and multi-level slabs.

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Formwork raft

Thanks to the Iglù® or Atlantis formworks, with L-Plast panels or Muro formwork, it is possible to complete the raft structure in only two phases.

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Anti-root cavities

Protecting the roots of trees and bushes along the roadside to avoid the dangerous asphalt deformation and raising.

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