• Fire Resistance Certificate REI 180 for U-Boot Beton® issued by the CSI institute in Bollate (MI).
• Certification of a Load Test on a sample with U-Boot Beton® issued by the University of Darmstadt.
• Acoustic test according to the standard UNI EN ISO 140-6 – Measurement of acoustic insulation in buildings and building elements; Laboratory measurements of the insulation footstep noise issued by the Istituto Giordano di Gatteo (FC).
• Acoustic test according to the standard UNI EN ISO 140-3 – Measurement of acoustic insulation in buildings; Laboratory measurements of the insulation of air-borne noise from building elements issued by the Istituto Giordano di Gatteo (FC).
• Loading and breaking test certified by the University of Padua.
• Environmental Compatibility Certification (CCA).
• Member of the Green Building Council Italia.
• System certification pursuant to ISO 9001- ISO 14001 – SA Standard 8000.

The quality of the used mixture, the innovative shape, the thicknesses and dimensions of the product, the fire safety and strict working techniques make it a product of excellence.
U-Boot Beton®, is not subject to deformations, either during or after the casting, either due to the weight of the concrete or the dynamic effect connected to the work operations: it is able to support before casting the workers and fresh concrete, the pressure created during the compression and vibration of the casting, the weight of people, reinforconcretes and equipment guaranteeing conditions of safety, and lack of deformations. Furthermore, the safety of the lateral spacer guarantees its perfect positioning and respect of the geometry of the beams under the pressure of the concrete.

Numerous national and international Product and System Certifications have been received that prove not only product quality, but also the validity of the constructive solutions and the applications in the building industry
All of this, together with the advantages mentioned below, make U-Boot Beton® the product of reference for operators and professionals.

Daliform Group has again demonstrated to be extremely precise with regard to respecting health and the environment having been the first to obtain Environmental Compatibility Certification (CCA) for its products.
This certificate is very important for U-Boot Beton® because it demonstrates: the lack of dangerous substances in its composition (even if recycled materials are used); the lack of emissivity of toxic substances during the various phases of the product’s life and operating cycle, which benefits the health of the intermediate users (production and installation personnel) as well as final users (people living in the building) as well as the environment in general.