Daliform Group for the project of raising the industrial floor of the largest airport in the world


Daliform Group, leader company in creating and manufacturing plastic products for the construction industry, closes the deal with “IGA” and wins an ultra-millionaire supply for the largest airport hub in the world in the nearby of Istanbul.

Dr. Antimo Riccardo Albertini, the president of Daliform Group, signed the agreement directly with “Istanbul Grand Airport”, the consortium composed by five Turkish contractor-leaders, concessionaire for the construction and management of the New Airport of Istanbul, for the first supply of 186.000 sm of own building system “Atlantis”, a variant of the more known “Iglù®”, to create a remarkable raised industrial floor of the building air terminal.

IGA chose for the majestic project the product Daliform, after an articulate negotiation, as able to solve various and complicated structural problems thanks to the quality and versatility of the system as well as the excellent engineering team of the company.

“It is a source of great pride for us” explain Dr. Albertini “to  contribute to the construction of the largest and most modern airport in the world. This record demonstrates the value of excellence of Italian companies and confirms the rewarding strategic choices, result of hard work and far from easy. This is merely the latest of many international projects gained by the company and it confirms the role of esteemed supplier & partner for innovation, products value and high proficiency of our engineers”.

Daliform Group has ever promoted innovative construction systems of great success with official recognitions all around the world. During the years, several famous architects’ works benefited from Daliform’s products. Just to mention some well-know personalities: Renzo Piano, Paolo Portoghesi, Mario Botta, Zaha Hadid, Libeskind, Arata Isozaki, Jean Nouvel, … and many others.

The importance of this project, for the global aviation and the whole economy in Turkey is of the utmost relevance. The new airport will firstly have a capacity of 90 million passengers per year and will be built in the European part of the city at 35 Kilometers from the centre, near to the Black Sea. Once all the expansion phases of the stopover will be completed, the airport, with its six airstrips and three terminals, will be able to guarantee air travel to 200 million passengers.