• Warranty of the product
  • The products are guaranteed for a period of 12 months from the date of purchasing if purchased in the field of professional/business activities;
  • The products purchased by a final user, through any sale channel, are guaranteed for a period of 24 from the date of purchasing (please see also the following point B4 “Conventional Warranty” for the specific conditions);
  • The product “Pratopratico” (excluded Brown and White colors and other use than grass finishing) are guaranteed for a period of 120 months from the purchasing date (Conventional Warranty).
  • Assistance under warranty

The customer is compelled to exhibit, upon the intervention of the warranty, a document valid from the tax point of view demonstrating the purchase.

The Warranty provides for the merely substitution for free of the product that presents any manufacturing defect or product fault. In the case the substitution results to be impossible, the correspondent sum of the supply will be given back extinguishing any right.

  • Working methods

The Customer shall contact the company through the reseller or directly, providing with detailed information needed to define the arisen problem supported by appropriate photos;

  • Response time

The inspection needed to verify the cause of the defect/non-compliance will take place within 30 working days from the request of assistance.

Once the defect/non-compliance is verified, the assistance under warranty will take place within a maximum of 30 working days from the inspection.

  • Assistance costs

Following the request for inspection, if it is found no problem attributable to the complained products, the inspection costs shall be at the expense of the customer.

  • Conventional Warranty

On 23 October 2005 came into force the Legislative Decree 6 September 2005, no. 206, otherwise known as “Consumer Code”, concerning the review of the legislation on the consumer, result of work done by a commission set up at the Ministry of Economic Development, pursuant to the delegation included in the art. 7 of the Law 29 July 2003, no. 229.

In accordance with the right provided for by the Law, with effect from 01 January 2014, Daliform Group offers to the consumer a Conventional Warranty, as described below.

The warranty shall not affect, in any case, for the consumer, all the rights coming from the legal guarantee.

Duration and conditions of validity of the conventional guarantee

Daliform Group starting from January 2014, and for the productions started from such data, provides the consumer who purchased the item Pratopratico Green used with grass finishing only with a Conventional Warranty of 120 months starting from the date of purchasing of the item.

The purchase has to be proven by a document such as invoice or till receipt.

In order to make the Conventional Warranty valid, it is necessary that:

  • the product is purchased and used by the final user, through any sale channel, and used for domestic purposes and in no case in the field of professional/business activities;
  • the product corresponds to the specified typology and has been used with the grass finishing only.
  • the product has to be built perfectly, complying with the good technique regulations and following the producer’s instructions.

In case of flaw, Daliform Group commits to substitute, at its expense, the flawed product, which has a production or material’s flaw. Any other costs, including the one for the refurbishment of the installation, is excluded from the guarantee.

The possible replacement of the product does not “extend” the duration of the guarantee.

In case of replacement’s impossibility, the equivalent of the supply will be returned, extinguishing any rights.

Hereunder is reported the article 133 (established guarantee) of the above-mentioned code.

Art. 133 Established guarantee

  • A guarantee, which is not in accordance with the requirements, referred to article 2, 3 and 4, remains valid anyway, and the consumer can continue, to use it and demand its application.
  • The guarantee has to be written in the Italian language with characters, not-less-clear than the ones of possible other languages;
  • Upon consumer’s request, the guarantee must be available in writing or on another durable device, accessible for him;
  • b) in a clear and comprehensible way the subject of the guarantee and the essential elements needed to make it valid, including the duration and the territorial extension of the guarantee, as well as the name or the company and the domicile or the abode of the bidder;
  • a) the specification, according to which the consumer is the owner of the expected rights of the present paragraph, and the respective guarantee leaves unjudged these rights;
  • Concerning who offers it, the guarantee must indicate at least:
  • The established guarantee binds who offers it, according to the terms mentioned in the respective guarantee’s declaration or in the related publicity.

The products, which will not be covered by the guarantee, are the defective ones (whose flaws are caused by):

  • negligence and/or incompetence during the transport and laying;
  • damages caused by collisions, fall, contact with corrosive material (and, for the flooring, damages caused by contact with materials which are different from the car’s tyre, non-slipping car’s device, etc. …) or normal use’s deterioration. The loss of the colour is considered normal use’s deterioration;
  • non-Daliform Group’s product;
  • laying which is not perfectly realized, or contrary to the regulation of good technique, or non-complying with the producer’s instructions;
  • use which is not complying with the normal end use of the product;
  • problem of laying-surface’s failure or that has altered the normal conditions of product’s use;
  • product with expired guarantee.

The present guarantee is valid for the whole Italian area (San Marino Republic and Vatican City included),

therefore it is not extended to the products, sold or used in a Country, out of the Italian area.

The established guarantee is provided exclusively for the products nominally specified and with the terms expressed in the paragraph B of the present document.

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