Easy Park® protects the natural surface of the soil that can be immediately used for transit and parking of motor vehicles.
The principle is to arm the surface with technical grids provided with a very robust cellular structure in which the sward, remaining few mm below the vertical walls of the pavement, is protected from crushing.

The weight of the car is thus distributed over a large flooring surface, which, in turn, presses the underlying soil enough to compact it.
This avoids constipation of the soil, which, especially in the presence of rain, would cover the area with mud making the site non-viable and that would result in bad drainage and asphyxiation of the roots.

Easy Park®, is highly resistant to weathering, is environmentally friendly, and respects the natural characteristics of the soil, facilitating the permeability and the exchange of nutrients of the substrate.

  • Extreme versatility, easy to position, light-weight, intuitive interlocking hooking system with male/female guides that makes it possible to cover larges surfaces in a short period of time, with a resulting reduction in installation costs.
  • Ecologic thanks to the use of material that is recyclable, ecocompatible and reusable.
  • It can be easily removed and conveniently and quickly repositioned.
  • Particularly flexible, it follows the profile of the ground even in the case of uneven surfaces.
  • It respects the vital structure of the ground, protecting the lawn in a non-invasive manner.
  • Promotes draining and the exchange of nourishing elements, which benefits quick and solid root formation.
  • It permits the rain water to filter naturally through the ground, respecting the site’s hydrogeological balance.
  • It enhances the beauty of the lawn.