Installation method


(Images and schemes referred to atlantis 50×50 cm with pipe having diameter 11 cm)

The Atlantis System is made up of three basic elements in its standard configuration: Atlantis formwork h 16 cm, pipe diameter 110 mm (external and of a variable height, slip-on pipe base with an enlarged support surface. (Images and schemes referred to atlantis 50×50 cm with pipe having diameter 11 cm).

The Atlantis formworks are simple to install: the procedure consists of inserting the pipe into the slip-on base and then linking the Atlantis formwork to the far end of the pipe using the bayonet coupling. Each piece can be hooked to the adjacent piece thanks to the shaped grooves for the male/female linking. For this, simply position them in horizontal rows from the left to the right, with the arrow on the top turned outward from the operator, proceeding to the end of each row.
Thanks to the modularity and lightness of Atlantis, each operator will be able to position up to 30 m2 per hour standing comfortably in an erect position.

фундаменты монолитные-вентилируемые-atlantis
Ventilierte monolithische-Fundamente-atlantis

Method for creating under-floor cavities


1. Preparation of the natural ground.

2. Preparation of the lean concrete foundation, to be sized according to the loads and capacity of the ground.

3. Pose of Atlantis system (foot+pipe+formwork).


4. Pose the elements from left to the right; once completed a row, proceed with next one.


5. Laying the welded mesh Ø 6 20×20 above the formworks.

6. Insert polystyrene panels, between wall and formwork, along the cavity perimeter.


7. Realization of concrete casting, filling previoulsy Atlantis pipes and then covering the formworks till reaching the quote of project.

To ensure a correct installation and perfectly created under-floor cavity please refer to the product’s usage requirements.