Daliform Group for „Setti” Square in Treviglio – Bergamo (Italy)




«A real “living room” in the city center, complete with underground parking»: this is the beginning of the article’s subheading on the “Eco” of Bergamo of May 19th, which introduces the new “Setti” Square in Treviglio (Bergamo) – Italy.

This is a really important project above all for its values of union, conviviality and security, in wich Daliform Group had part in the realization of the underground parking with 2 floors, where we can find 219 car parks.

The product employed is U-Boot Beton®. Thanks to it, it was possible to maximized the potential of lightened slabs in order to obtain large spans between the vertical structures.

In this way it was possible to create more spacious areas and obtain the largest number of parking places possible, and at the same time guaranteeing excellent performance in terms of fire resistance.

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