On Thursday, 19th January 2017, Proetica – an Association of Unindustria Treviso and Ordine dei Dottori Commercialisti Treviso, organized the meeting Gli strumenti ‘premiali’ di legalità e trasparenza in which the CEO of Daliform Group, Mr. Albertini Antimo Riccardo, was invited to participate.

Other speakers present:

Anna Daniele, CEO of E.Ma.Price in Possagno,
Filippo Antonello, Sole Director of Vidori Servizi Ambientali in Vidor,
Silvia Crosato, head of HR, Legal and Commercial department of Contarina.

The meeting was useful for to the richness of company’s witnesses in which there emerged approaches and reasons even significantly different that motivated the companies to get their Legality Rating issued by the Italian Competition Authority.

The Rating is part of those proactive tools introduced some years ago, such as the white lists handled by the Prefectures and, more recently, the company’s rating in the new discipline of public procurement, which aim is to highlight and reward the companies which demonstrate to act in compliance with the rules.

So not only the classic action of illegal phenomena’s suppression, but also reward tools to better stimulate and encourage virtuous and transparent company’s behaviours against the culture of illegality.